European Event

About the event

From school year 2023-24, the national winning teams will be welcomed by ESA at its ESTEC site in the Netherlands for a brand-new European learning and celebration event: ‘Space Engineer for a Day’, to take place on 20 & 21 June 2024. This non-competitive event aims to celebrate the achievements of the teams, while experiencing what is the day-to-day life of an engineer working at ESA.

Students will be able to:

  • Explore facilities such as laboratories,
  • Hear first-hand from space experts,
  • Present their work to a panel of experts in a poster session,
  • Enjoy social and space-themed activities.
  • Network with the other winning teams, benefitting of an international environment.


More details on the event will be directly provided to participants in due time.


Eligibility, Funding & Sponsorship

For a student team to participate in ‘Space Engineer for a day’, the following conditions must be fulfilled:
  1. The team must be the winning team of their 2024 CanSat National Competition.
  2. Each student team must comprise a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 6 students (aged 14 – 19 years old) resident in an ESA Member or Associate state, respecting one of the following conditions:
    • Team of students enrolled full-time in a secondary school;
    • Team of students in home schooling condition (certified by the National Ministry of Education or delegated authority);
    • Team of members of a social club enrolled full-time in secondary schools.
  3. At least 50% of the students included in a team must be nationals of a participating country.
  4. Each team needs to be supervised by at least one (possibly two) teacher(s) or mentor(s). There is a need to justify the attendance of a second mentor to ESA (justification will need to be attached at registration to the event). The Mentor(s) must be available to accompany the team to the competition launch campaign.
  5. Members of the team should have a working knowledge of English, to write and give oral presentations in English.
  6. It is forbidden for an unregistered person to attend the competition in an unannounced manner, and therefore will be denied entry to facilities.

For the learning and celebration event, ESA will sponsor the accommodation, meals and local transportation expenses for up to 6 students and 2 teachers (the latter if justification is provided) per national team, including up to 300 euro per person in travel costs. This includes:

  1. Accommodation for the team members (rooms with multiple capacity) and for the mentors (single rooms) for the total duration of the launch campaign.
  2. A stipend of 300 euros per person to arrange their international travel and transport from the closest international airport or train station to the accommodation/event location and back .
  3. Local transport for the duration of the event, excluding local transport stated in point 2.
  4. Meals
    • Dinner on arrival day
    • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on event day
    • Breakfast on departure day


All teams are responsible for arranging their own travel bookings to/from their hometowns and the main airport/train station of the event location.

outline of the 2024 event

24 MAY
Registration deadline for winning teams
20 June
Day 1: Arrival and welcome dinner
21 June
Day 2: Event
22 June
Day 3: Departure