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Date : 30/09/2019
Qualification : 1st place - Non ESA Member States
Country : China
Location : Shanghai

2.1.a. Where would you locate your shelter on the Moon’s surface? 
Close to the Lunar Poles.

2.1.b. Explain your choice from question 2.1. 
At the poles of the moon, we can take full advantage of the large amount of water ice that is now known to us.As well,with them we can make a big breakthrough in the way to get water,that’s importan to us.At the same time, there are huge craters and lava caves at the North Pole of the moon, we will choose to build surface facilities in a crater.Of course,at the poles of the moon, there would be no loss of communication with the earth because of the occlusion of the moon, otherwise it would be too much trouble to send a satellite only for communication.Last but not least, the two poles of the moon allow astronauts to enjoy the beauty of their home, the earth, and the vast universe at the same time.

2.2.a. Where would you build the shelter: on the surface or underground? 

2.2.b. Explain your choice to question 2.2.
In this way ,We can quickly and efficiently avoid the risk of a meteorite impact on the moon.In the meantime ,We can get closer to water ice beneath the moon’s surface which can be a great help in getting water for us.More importantly,when we are below the surface of the moon, we can avoid the extreme temperature differences between day and night, and because of the use of lunar soil when building, we can dig down and build at the same time.Additionally,the thick ground of moon can be a natural barrier to radiation.

3.1. What will be the size of your Moon Camp? 
It will be a six-story building with a maximum diameter of 20m on each floor,the average height of each floor will be five meters.

3.2.a. How many people will your Moon Camp accommodate? 
5 – 6 astronauts

3.2.b. Explain your choice to question 3.2. 
We have decided that our moon camp will be suitable for 5-6 people. For the complex work on the moon ,we need enough people to do all the job we need ,such as management, operation, experiment, planting, maintenance and so on .All the work must be done perfectly to ensure the running of the camp ,and the safety of all the people in the camp.

3.3.a Which local Moon resources would you use? 
Water ice
Regolith (Lunar soil)

3.3.b. Explain your choice to question 3.3.
Water ice ,one of the most important thing we will use on the moon. It can provide us countless water when we can make full use of it. Lunar soil , the same as the ice , we will use it as the material of the 3d printer to construct and strengthen our moon camp , it will provide us with the He-3 we need to make electricity. Thirdly, the sun light, it will assist us to generate electricity by using the large amount of He-3.Finally.He-3,that can make nearly infinite electricity to keep the camp running.

3.4. Explain how you plan to build your project on the Moon. You should include information about the materials and building techniques you are planning to use. Highlight the unique features of your design. 
On the moon, we will mainly use the lunar soil to build our camp, and we will use the 3d print technology to build our fantastic camp. Since we will build our camp beneath the land, we can use excavator to dig the soil out to the ground and the 3d printer will follow it, so we can dig down and build at the same time.More importantly, we decided that the theme of the construction will Be the Chinese oil lamp, so it will be a unique construction.

3.5. Describe and explain the design of the entrance to your Moon Camp.
To the design of the entrance ,we will use two layers of air locks.In the outer airlock,we will give a space for our car.To keep the astronauts more safe,we will build another air lock to ensure that the astronauts won’t be hurt when the house broken . With a curved top , even when the big cover above the camp is broken,it will not be damaged easily, the astronauts will not be hurt as well.

3.6. Explain how the Moon Camp provides protection for the astronauts.
For that our building is under ground,we don’t need to worry a lot about the safety of the house under the ground.But to keep the construction on the ground safe,we make a large circular cover with thick lunar soil covering on it.So this will make the on the ground part as safe as the under ground one.

3.7. Describe the location and arrangements of the sleeping and working areas.
The sleeping area will be a individual floor and all the astronauts will be placed here.For it is an individual floor,it will be very very quiet,so that the astronauts will have a good sleep.And the sleeping place is on the b2 floor.The working place will be placed both on the b1 and b3 floor,all the work will be in charge of one person to make sure the camp can run efficiently.

4.1. Describe what will be the power source for the shelter. 
We will use the solar energy and the He-3 to make energy.Because of the adequate reserves of the He-3 on the moon.The moment we had produce the first energy by the sun,we can produce countless energy by He-3.

4.2. Describe where the water will come from.
We will use the water ice at the pole of the moon.We can collect it under the ground,so we can collect it when build the camp.And we can just melt it and use it.At the same time,we have a water cycle system to save the precious water.Of course ,we need to bring some water to the moon at first.

4.3. Describe what will be the food source.
After bring some food and seed to the moon,we make a place to plant some crops and green plants,but we need to get enough food from the Earth to ensure we can wait for the crops to grow up.

5.1. What would you like to study on the Moon? 
On the moon,because we are at the pole,we can easily get to the back of the moon,there will be a place that is without the electromagnetic interference.This will be a great help for us to study about the universe effectively.On the moon,we can gradually find out the way to realize large area dwelling on the moon.For that we will grow plants there,we can also find out if the condition on the moon will bring benefits to plants’ grow.We can find the way to take full advantage of the source on the moon,and finally make great help to the development of the human beings.We can also research for how to live better in the space ,and get ready for space travel in the near future.

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