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CanSat Alumni call

CanSat Alumni call for videos

The European CanSat Competition has seen young people develop and launch their own mini-satellite for over a decade. Each year, teams from across our member and associate states astound the jury of experts with their innovation, problem solving capabilities, and hard work. Now, we want to hear from you! Have you ever participated in the European CanSat Competition or a National CanSat Competition? Do you want to help inspire more school students to follow in your footsteps? Do you want to be a part of the largest celebration of CanSat Europe has ever seen? Then send us your inputs! The ESA CanSat Team are looking for CanSat alumni to submit video testimonials. 

Your video should last maximum 3 minutes and we would like you to cover the following points

  • • Name(s)
  • • Coutry of Residence
  • • Current occupation
  • • Did you participate in a National Competition or the European CanSat Competition
  • • Which year did you participate?
  • • What was your secondary mission?
  • • How did it work at the National/European Competition? What did you learn from troubleshooting?
  • • What impact has CanSat had on you?
  • • Explain your favourite memory of the CanSat experience. 

Our team here at ESA will edit the testimonials together to showcase all that CanSat has to offer. 

Submission criteria:

  • • Submissions can be made by individuals or teams.
  • • The person(s) should be minimum 18 years old, and have competed as students in a National Competition based in one of ESA’s Member or Associate States and/or in ESA’s European CanSat Competition. 
  • • Submissions must not exceed 3 minutes duration and 516 Mb in size.
  • • Submissions should be recorded in landscape format and in UltraHD or 4K resolution (preferred). 
  • • Submissions are preferred in English, but may be submitted in the participant’s native language with subtitles. 

You can submit your video testimonial anytime!
If you experience any problems with submission or have any questions, please email the ESA CanSat Team at

This form is currently closed for submissions.