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Fusion 360 – How to create an account

Getting Started with Fusion 360

Do you need some help with your first steps in designing with Fusion 360?

Below you can find information about:

1. Creating an account
2. Navigating the User Interface

1. Creating an Account

Fusion 360 is a free 3D design software for students, educators, and academic institutions.

1. Go to: and download the current version for educators.

2. Open Fusion 360 via the desktop icon.

  • If you are already registered with Autodesk:     into Fusion 360 using your Autodesk account.OR
  • If you are not registered with Autodesk:               

• Choose your country (1) and your educational role (2).

• Enter your name, email and create a password in the following popup (shown on the right side). You will need to agree to the terms and conditions to create an account.

3. On the Fusion 360 website click on Step 2 to get access to the Fusion 360 software and follow the instructions.


4. Download the software in Step 3.


2. Navigating the User Interface

1. Application Bar – Create, Save and Manage Projects and Designs

In this toolbar you can open, create and name your designs. You will also find important actions for designing such as undo and redo options and saving your design.

2. Toolbar – Change Workspace, Sketch, Create, Modify – Work left to right

Use this toolbar to manage you design. Pick the design workspace to create your project and choose the components you want to work with. Choose the components from left to right: you have to build a solid first before you can design the surface or choose your materials.

3. Preferences and Help – Change Preferences and Help/Support

Here you can manage your profile and get help with handling the design tool.

Tip: check out the Fusion 360 gallery for inspiration!

4. View Cube – Navigate around your Design

The navigating cube helps you view your design from different angles. It also allows you to work with precision.

Click on any face, corner or edge of the cube to change the view.

Click and drag on the cube to change the camera angle.

Right click on the cube to Go Home, change between orthographic/perspective and reassign views.




5. Navigation bar and display setting

In this toolbar you find actions to change the point of view. You can rotate and move the workplane and zoom in and out to work on the details. On the right side you can modify your display settings to design in your personal way.

6. Timeline – Lists operations performed on your design

The timeline lists your design steps and gives you an overview of the process.

  • Use the play button to play through your design.
  • Use the arrows to go backwards and forwards through the timeline.
  • Use the cursor to go back to a specific operation. Right click a feature on the timeline to edit it.

7. Browser – Lists all the objects in your design (Sketches, Components, Bodies, Origins)

The Browser lists all the objects you designed. For example, you can hide objects here to get a better overview of your new sketches and choose components and bodies to group them into your design.

Document Settings – Change the units in your design.

Use the arrows on the left-hand side to open the selected folder.

Use the light bulbs to show and hide objects.