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About Cansat Starter – CanSat
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About Cansat Starter

About CanSat Starter


CanSat Starter is an exciting introduction to building your first satellite! Best of all, no prior knowledge is necessary and all you need is a computer.

Students are taken through the process of building a simple circuit to measure air temperature – one of the primary missions needed to complete the main CanSat challenge. CanSat Starter offers the opportunity to learn how to wire a temperature sensor, breadboard and Arduino together using a free piece of free software called Tinkercad Circuits.

What are the steps in the CanSat Starter project?

You will go through the following phases to complete your mission

Create and Test Your Circuit

Follow the detailed <a href=''>step-by-step guide</a> to build and test your circuit

Submit Your Circuit

Send us your design!

Receive a Personalised Certificate Award

We will send you a digital certificate to celebrate the completion of your mission.


CanSat Starter is open to young people aged 19 or younger from ESA Member States, or Slovenia, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, or Malta.