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Overview of tools – CanSat
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Overview of tools

3D design tools

On this page, you can find various 3D design tools to use when creating your CADSat. Please note, there are a wide range of 3D design tools available, therefore, as long as the guidelines are followed, you are free to use any tool you wish. The 3D design tools listed below are placed in order of complexity with Tinkercad being the simplest to use and FreeCAD being the most difficult. A score out of 10 (1 being the simplest and 10 being the most complex) has been given to each of the tools allowing you to benchmark and compare against other design tools you may be using.


  • Place, adjust and combine objects to create your 3D model
  • No experience required. Simple and intuitive to use
  • Use codeblocks or C++ to create and simulate your design

Difficulty: 3/10

Fusion 360:

  • Sketch and create your 3D model CADSat
  • Use multiple modelling techniques like freeform, surface, parametric and mesh
  • Collaborate easily with your team members by adding them to the project environment

Difficulty: 7/10


  • Multiplatform design tool (Linux, Mac & Windows)
  • Create a realistic 3D model from 2D sketches 
  • Parametric modelling capability means that you can go back to different points of your modelling history to edit a specific component or design parameter.

Difficulty: 8/10


  • Simple and easy to use UI for beginners
  • Web based platform
  • Able to save design on cloud based server and share design with team member easily

Difficulty: 4/10